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About us

About us

GJR Technologies is the future of creative designing and IT development services. Belonging to the Kalas Group of Industries 1920, GJR Technologies is a privately held company with its headquarters in Belgium. The company originates with the mission of prioritizing customer service and consumer satisfaction through the provision of an avenue that turns your web-designing dreams into a reality. Owing to its success in Belgium, the company has now gone global and extended its headquarters to a plethora of other leading cities including New York, London, Barcelona and Lahore.

By virtue of employing the newest technologies consolidated by a vast extent of innovation, GJR Technologies successfully offers services in multiple web-designing domains. These include, but are not limited to, web hosting, web-development, app-development and software development. One of the company’s greatest milestones is the incorporation of the latest automation, and at GJR Technologies, we hope to extend the same services to you. After earning itself a global repute for the provision of IT amenities, GJR Technologies extends you an invitation to join the world’s fastest growing web-developers!

GJR Technologies operates strictly by focusing entirely on its customers’ needs. You are our priority, and it is our responsibility to turn provide you the perfect platform to manifest your dreams. In the rapidly growing world of technology, it is imperative to accurately gauge the extent to which a business-led website creates an impression of the quality of the firm on its potential customers. The world is now a click away, and GJR Technologies is here to make your customers’ click worth their while!

GJR Technologies aims to facilitate you with the opportunity of web-hosting by virtue of being Europe’s leading web-hosting provision domain which will enable you to gain a competitive edge in the market as your business reach will expand throughout Europe’s leading cities. Moreover, GJR technologies will equip you with the latest web designs and software packages that will effectively gauge the market demand for your product. It must be asserted that our clients are our top priority, which is why we offer you a blend of innovative and cost effective solutions. It is no surprise, then, that GJR’s price rates will be tailored to your needs, your budget and your dreams!

Through the latest app development technologies, GJR will create the best SEO-friendly websites for you which will incorporate exceptional mobile responsiveness and interactive web-designs. Here at GJR, we are encouraged to think outside the box, and for our clients we go the extra mile to ensure that the box is a canvas of ideas! In order to keep up with the modern world’s pace of one-tap technology, GJR will help ensure that you are a click away from catering to your customers’ needs. Furthermore, GJR will help secure services pertaining to domain name registration and much more because we are here to accommodate you every step of
the way.

GJR Technologies attributes its success to its highly qualified team of web designers and software developers who are keen, creative and contemporary. Our experts aim to provide you with the best of the best, which is why they are a click away on our website. Our team works hard to develop and launch new ideas around the clock to ensure that the future of technology begins with you. By striking the perfect balance between your business’ professional and personal needs, the team at GJR Technologies dearly adheres to the notion of excellent customer satisfaction and a holistically commendable customer experience!

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Meet our team

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Fukhar Nadeem

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Hassan Shahzad

Other Team Members :

Lucas Finn

Faisal Ejaz
Technical Lead

Milan Levi
Senior .Net Developer

Khursand Kousar
Junioir .Net Developer

Dean Jan
Senior Android Developer/IOS Developer

David Jasper
Junior Andriod Developer

Tom Dylan
Junior IOS Developer

Muhammad Ali
UI/UX & Graphic Designing Expert

Sofie Daniels
Graphic Designer

Schepens Lien
UI/UX Developer


We are building integrated customer experiences in the Telco Space

Media & Entertainment

We provide cutting edge solution to media houses, and new-age media companies.


Ushering in the Future of Manufacturing by making digital processes for industries.

Healthcare Life Sciences

We help global healthcare and life sciences enterprises to reimagine their business processes and deliver remarkable patient experiences.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Deliver sustainable customer experiences to augment customer journeys at every step of the Value Chain

Public Sector and Government

We offer IT Services and solutions for the Public Sector- Government, International Organizations and higher education segments.

Travel, Transportation, Logistics and Hospitality

The TTLH industry is seeing a paradigm shift owing to digitization,so we are providing innovative and digital solutions for this sctor too.


We have vast experience in developing web applications using Microsoft stack and Mean stack besides responsive technologies.


We have vast experience in developing Mobile Applications, our team will help you create practical and seamless experiences on any device and get the best of mobile technology for your business.


We provide web/graphics designing services like theme customizations and logo design suited for all devices like PCs, mobiles & tablets.


Our desktop developers have developed versatile applications like POS, inventory and accounting systems etc.


We provide 24/7 support and maintenance services for existing applications in shifts throughout the day.


We specialize in integrating hetereogenous applications using industry standards like JSON, XML and REST APIs etc.


Our experienced team of gurus provide consultancy services regarding software, hardware and overal IT solution architectures.